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Whilst we were staying at Beechwood Court over the summer, I got chatting to a retired Methodist Minister on the subject of prayer. He recommended a book called “Red Moon Rising.”

Now, seeing as prayer and it’s huge importance in Christian service has been a particular enthusiasm to me for some time, I went out and bought the book to see what it was like.

What I read totally blew my socks off – amazing stories of 24-hour prayer meetings sweeping across the country and into many other countries. Wow!

The main author is Pete Greig who had a vision in Portugal of an army marching forth for the Lord. Not long afterwards, he started a 24-hour prayer meeting, where people would sign up for a 1 hour slot so that uninterrupted prayer would continue on a shift basis for 24 hours. This soon developed into 24/7 prayer, where the prayer meeting (taking place in a designated ‘prayer room’ would continue non-stop for a week. The idea spread to many other countries and before long whole denominations (ie the Salvation Army) were committing to pray non-stop for a whole year.

Well, as you can imagine, the results were phenomenal. Here’s what one guy says:

“Our 24-7 week exceeded all expectations. It’s been one of the most
productive (yes – prayer is productive!) weeks I’ve ever known. People
were saved. The lukewarm were ignited and unity made huge steps
forward.” (Ian, UK – quoted from the 24/7 site).

I would encourage you to do three things:

  • Buy the book ‘Red Moon Rising’ and have a good read – it will strengthen your faith and enthuse you about prayer.
  • Visit the 24/7 website, which is as amazing as the book in many ways:
  • Once the above have inspired you, start your own 24-hour prayer meeting and see what happens!

Thanks for reading – now get praying!!



PS I’ve looked on Amazon and there are several books there with this title. The one you want is by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts. Here’s the link:

Red Moon Rising

I’ve also just found a page about Benin on the 24/7 prayer website. Here it is:

Benin info on 24/7

I’ve contacted them about some of the facts, as they still have the old president’s name down. Also the number of Christians quoted should be much higher. Nevertheless, it’s a really interesting page and you can view info on countries all round the world from the site. Happy surfing!

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Steph & Ed on September 29th, 2006 at 9:21 am #

Thanks Rob for this ! Yes 24/7 prayer is truly inspirational and we have some blow-your socks off testimonies to it too !!! We’ve just started reading the book you’ve given us and we’d definitely be up for it ! Infact 24/7 prayer saved Steph’s life nearly 10 years ago when she was intensive care…prayer was worldwide and did not stop until she appeared in church a week later alive and well ( we managed to convince the medical staff to let her out to go to church !) So we’d definitely urge people people to PUSH ( Pray Until Something Happens !) God is faithful !!

Rob on September 29th, 2006 at 10:13 am #

Thanks for that, Ed, mate!

I really feel that prayer is the powerhouse for revival.

“Satan trembles when he sees
The weakest saint upon his knees.”

Keep up the good work and enjoy the book. The chapter in Ibiza was the most amazing for me.