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Today is the first day back at the English International School.  Madelaine has a new lady teacher, Ruth is with the same teacher as last year and Micah is in Mrs Baker’s class!!  Rob’s still doing all the senior French and most of the school’s music.  We’re planning to put on the show Rats later in the school year and the seniors are doing Gilbert and Sullivan’s: Pirates of Penzance (they obviously enjoyed HMS Pinnafore last year, as this one got the vote!)

Little Birdie…

Over the past few days, two small yellow birds have been regularly visiting our lounge windows (which are mirrored on the outside, so they think there are more birds like them inside!)  Here’s one of the birdies:


 Whilst I’m uploading photos, here’s one of Micah in our new reclining chair (bought from some SIL friends who left recently:


…and here’s Ruthie playing Third Grade Adventure on the laptop:



And finally…

on a slightly surreal note, Madelaine has been further developing her photographic skills by creating this Dr Who display (using a CD box and her own toys!)


..then she really got carried away with this one:




That’s all for now.  Have you read the church visit account below yet?  Thanks for visiting our blog – do leave a comment if you have time.

 Rob et al

PS Gutted about the Crocodile Man.  Our sympathies to his family and we’ll miss his great programmes.

3 Comments posted on "First Day back at school"
anne on September 6th, 2006 at 8:33 pm #

great photography mads.
whatever you were accusing ruth of she does look completely innocent!
micah, what have you got on your head? it looks very unusual.
love anne

Steve on September 28th, 2006 at 1:11 pm #

Love the pictures! Great to catch up on your news – just add my complements to Annes re the photography! Do you know what those lovely birds are? Over here they’re called ‘Green Singing Finches’ – I had a pair in my aviary many years ago! God bless you all in the varied aspects of your lives!

Rob on September 28th, 2006 at 2:15 pm #

Thanks for the message, Steve.

I’ve had a good look and I think the birds are yellow-fronted canaries (see recent post).

Great to see you in the summer. Keep up the good work!


PS Have you read ‘Red Moon Rising’ yet? It’s inspiring stuff about 24/7 prayer.