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Hi everyone!

Yes, we made it back to Benin! The journey was straightforward and we were back in our home here by 9:00pm yesterday (in spite of having lost our keys somewhere in England!)

What hits you most when you get back here is the humidity. Temperatures are no higher than England back in July (ie 26-32C) but the humidity can by up to 90%.

Upon leaving the airport, I was greeted by a Beninese guitarist, strumming away and singing “Bienvenu, mon ami” to me!! The fact I didn’t know him from Adam (nor, therefore, he me) didn’t seem to matter!!!

Went to a local pool today and met up with some of the International Fellowship, which was nice after a tiring couple of days before that! Our Landrover – alas – is still in the garage, having a new alternator fitted, but should be finished tomorrow.

That’s all for this post. Great to see so many of you during our UK visit. Do keep in touch when you can.


Rob et al

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