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Sorry folks… we do still exist and have been having a great time back in the UK. The trouble is, we’ve been sooooo busy travelling here and there and seeing friends that there’s scarecely any time to update the old blog. Anyway, here we go with a few highlights of our stay…

Following our trip to Boston and Rob’s trip to the USA, we had a lovely holiday in North Wales, where we stayed at Beechwood Court, Click here to view the Beechwood court website.

It’s a Christian Endeavour holiday centre and we had a great time there. Here it is

Beechwood Court.jpg

Our room was the first window on the front (first floor) and the small window at the side.

One of the big highlights of our stay there was climbing Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales (Scotland has some taller ones!) Here we all are at the summit of Snowdon – yes, the kids all walked it without any carrying from parents! We thought about catching the train back down, but it was going to cost us £60!!! Nice walk, though and spectacular views across Anglesey, the Lleyn Peninsular and the Welsh coast.

Summit of Snowdon.jpg

Whilst at Beechwood, we also got to see our good friend, Jon Assheton, who was also the drummer on the ‘Creation’ CD (see link on RHS of this blog, and/or visit: New Music Enterprises.)

Here’s a somewhat surreal photo of Jon with our three (taken from the balcony above the vestibule in Beechwood Court).

Jon the Drummer.jpg

Finally, we visited the village with the longest name in Wales (if not the world!) It is called Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwrendrobwll-llantisiliogogogoch. Here it is:

Llanfair p g.jpg

Other visits…

A few days ago (don’t ask me when – it’s all a blur!) we met up with Rob’s (second) cousin Pete and his family and went to Beckonscot Model village Click here for their website.

which was great fun. Here are the kids there:


I would recommend a visit – our kids loved it!

We also had a Baker family get together. Here’s Mum and Dad with Rob & Lois, Ian (Rob’s big brother) and Rachel and all our children. (Ian & Rachel also have 2 girls and a boy in that order – weird, eh?)

Baker extended family.jpg

So, to sum up, we’ve visited loads of friends, been to lots of people’s houses for tea, had friends round AND had a holiday. We’ve all stayed healthy throughout and have enjoyed our stay (even if it has been a tad hectic!)

We fly back to Benin on Monday, 28th August.

That’s all for now folks. Will try and add more news SOON!!

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