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Hi folks!

We’re having a marvellous but non-stop crazy time so far here in the UK. We’ve seen so many friends and been so many places, it’s been a mind-blowing week!

Here’s a brief low-down:

On Thursday, 29th June, we arrived in Heathrow – a couple of hours later that scheduled as we missed our connection in Paris, then got picked up by Lois’ parents and our brother-in-law Jeremy. Lunch at the in-laws, then my parents came in the afternoon and we came over to the house where we’re staying, not far from Ampthill. In the evening (just after my folks had left) the Woods turned up, and we had a good chat with them. Also, our three enjoyed playing with their cousins. Here they are, having fun by the stream in the back garden:

Stream and cousins!.jpgclick to enlarge.

On Friday, 30th June, we were invited on a canal boat with the children’s cousins. We took the barge from Stoke Bruerne in Northamptonshire, through the Blisworth Tunnel then north as far as Bugbrook.
Blisworth Tunnel

Great pub lunch there, then back. What a fab way to begin our time back home! Here are the kids and some cousins on our boat – the ‘Mudlark’:

Canal trip.jpgclick to enlarge.

On Saturday, we went to visit some friends and then went to Tescos!

Sunday, we were at Ampthill Baptist where Rob was delighted to play the piano for both services. We also had a walk in Ampthill Park which was lovely.
Ampthill Park

Monday, we had our dental appointments – no treatment needed, then attended our core ‘support group’ from ABC.

Tuesday we had a surprise birthday meal for Lois’ mum at the local Italian restaurant. It was during the Italy-Portugal match and the manager (being Italian) was so pleased with the match result he gave us all free drinks!

Wednesday we travelled into London and visited the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. Good fun but tiring and London was WET!!!

Thursday we had lunch with Rob’s folks in Rushden, then on to Rob’s old home town of Boston, Lincolnshire, to stay with friends.

Friday we climbed Boston Stump, the tallest parish church tower in England. (Remember going up there with Clive and me, Reggie??)
Boston Stump

Here are some pics with the kids:

Kids and stump.jpg

Kids up stump.jpg

Great view from up there (but you can only climb up as high as the balcony just below the large arched window). To the left of Madelaine’s right ear (on the photo above) you can see the Sam Newsom Music Centre, where Rob did all his A Level Music studies. Great place! Another perculiarity of the Stump is that is chimes on the hour but has no visible clock!

On Saturday it was time for a family get-together with Rob’s brother, Ian, and his family. He also has two girls and a boy, but a few years older.

Sunday and we took a service and an afternoon session at Rutland Road Church, Bedford, which went really well (I think they all understand what ‘ethnomusicology’ is now!) Then on to Lois’ sister’s house for a birthday party for Jeremy. Finally back home to get packed for Rob’s USA trip and to update this blog!

We’re shattered but having fun. The Wales holiday is soon, which will be wonderful!

Bye for now,

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Rob, Lois et al

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Paul Morriss on July 14th, 2006 at 3:45 pm #

I grew up in Lincolnshire (Withern, near Mablethorpe), though I never got near the stump.