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Don’t panic…it’s quite low grade and we’ve caught it early, so today she’s doing fine.

Mads had had inflamed tonsils for a few days and a mild fever, so we put her on antibiotics. However, last night her temperature was up to 39 degrees, so we took her for a blood test. There’s a great clinic just down the road, which does the malaria test 24/7, and it only takes a few minutes, then you ‘phone up a couple of hours later for the result. It’s only £3- for the test. We’ve been there quite often as it’s always better to know sooner rather than later if you’ve got malaria. So now, Mads is on Artesunate and some other drug and seems fine today.

How much to you know about malaria. Try this cool quiz I found:

(Malaria Quiz)

The site only tells you how much you got, not which one’s were right or what the solution is. I got 70% first time, but have now worked out all the answers (by trial and error!). So, here are the answers: 1c 2a 3c 4d 5a 6c 7b 8c 9c 10d. How did you do? Good website, that one. And here’s a map of malaria hotspots (you’ll notice Benin is amongst the ‘red’ countries):

(Mararia Hotspots)

There you go. I must say, we’re looking forward to our 2 months back in Britain, with no mosquito bites!

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Andrew on June 19th, 2006 at 8:31 pm #

You’ve rose tinted specs on Rob (on reflection they’ll go nicely with some of the outfits I see on the site!) – at least no malaria thoough. Glad to hear Mads is already feeling better. Enjoy the football tomorrow. Thanks for the updates

Andrew & Tricia

Rob on June 19th, 2006 at 9:51 pm #

Thanks Andy,

So is that a yes or a no?? I need to know as it’s 66% in favour now, so if you say yes then I’ll probably have to wear it at Heathrow!!!

See you soon,