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I know Paul Theroulx’s novel of the same name was set in central America, but this weekend we very definitely felt we were on it!!!

For half term, we had Friday off and Monday (ie tomorrow), so on Thursday evening, we headed off to Awale Plage, a seaside place just over an hour’s drive west of Cotonou. Lovely place, great food and a nice pool (it’s a hard life, eh?!) And we were just about the only people there, appart from a young Swiss couple. The room was nice but had no mosquito nets. We should have known to ask for them at once, but we naively thought that, with screening on the windows and a powerful fan, we wouldn’t get bitten. This could not have been further from the truth!! Rob was up frequently, trying to locate and squash the wee beasties – killing at least ten in the course of the night. We reckon that, by the morning, we had about 100 bites between us as a whole family (and not enough sleep!) So the next day, we asked for nets, and our second night was consequently much more relaxed and bite-less!

Other News…

Rob and Lois both took the Myers-Briggs personality test for the first time in about 12 years (for Rob) and about 7 years (for Lois). Not time to explain it all now, but, in a nutshell, you get 4 letters which describe your type:

Firstly, you’re either an ‘E’ (extroverting) or an ‘I’ (introverting)

Secondly, you’re either an ‘N’ (intuiting) or an ‘S’ (sensing)

Then you’re either an ‘F’ (feeling) or a ‘T’ (thinking)

and finally, you’re either a ‘J’ (judging) or a ‘P’ (perceiving)

That doesn’t explain it too well, except to give you the letters. For mor info, have a look at:

Know your type.com

also, here’s a great site where, if you’ve got 10 minutes, you can work out your personality:

Myers Briggs type test

So, Lois came out as:


..and Rob as:


The ‘X’ means Rob is mid way between thinking and feeling (does that equal ‘confused’???) but on the online test mentioned above, he came out as 25% F. Interestingly, the first time Lois did the test 12 years ago, she was I..S..T..J, the second time (7 years ago) she came out as I..S..F..J, so one letter has changed each time!

And finally…

Rob preached at Kpakpakanmey, this morning, over the lagoon then left after a couple of miles. After all the rains, the road was very muddy – almost impassable, but the good ol’ Landrover did it. Great service with some of the most amazing cross rhythms I’ve heard to date (wish I’d had the recording equipment handy!) The pastor there has recently produced an album, which is very good, and he gave me a copy. I’ll try and get a few to bring back to the UK, in case you’re interested!

That’s all for now. Still trying to get sound extracts to work – watch (or listen out for) this space!

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