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Wycliffe t-shirt front.jpg

Wycliffe t-shirt back.jpg

Yes, Steve Le Page from Bedford will soon be the proud owner of a Wycliffe Benin t-shirt. Here’s his message:

Hi Rob,

am enjoying looking at your blog regularly – intrigued by your photo
competition – didn’t have a clue with the first image – with the larger
one am wondering …… is it a moth?!

God bless.

Congratulations, Steve! Yes, it is a moth. Here’s the full-sized photo (as always, click on the image to see a large version):

The moth.jpg

Quite an amazing creature – looks more like some villain from a sci-fi movie! As yet, I have been unable to identify the species of lepidoptera but we do know an entimologist, who has a daughter at the school, so I’ll try and ask him soon! Other answers included: a bat, a goat (?!?) and some kind of bug.

Finally, here’s Micah with Real Madrid:

Micah & Real Madrid!.jpg

Yes, large posters like this are on sale by the roadside in cotonou for about £2- each, so Micah has this one on his bedroom wall, which he likes!

Thanks for visiting our site – we’ll try and do another competition soon!

bye for now,

Rob & Lois

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jack on May 18th, 2006 at 5:00 pm #

how did micah get on real madrid can i have his autograph