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Hi folks!

 If you’ve tuned in to the blog in the last week or so, apologies that there has been no change.  We had a problem with the site, which is now sorted, but we still can’t upload images.  Still, webmaster Reggie is on the case, so I hope to be able to post up some shots of Germany soon..

 Otherwise, we’re all fine.  Rob brought back some Easter eggs from England, much to the kids’ delight.

Good Friday was the craziest of days, but great fun.  I landed at Luton airport at 7:05am, and went to Lois’ friend, Clare’s house for hot cross buns and coffee.  After that I dropped my luggage off at Lois’ folks place and went to visit some other friends.  I had lunch with my folks at The Park pub in Bedford (very nice steak & Guinness pie there!)  In the afternoon, I got a lift to Cambridge to visit a friend in Addenbrookes hospital who’s not too well at the mo.  Got back around 7:15pm and rapidly sorted out my cases at Brian & Jean’s (standing on the scales with each case and then subtracting my weight!)  At 8:00pm was the party at the Woods, which was such fun (although nobody much cared for the Beninese crisps I’d brought with me!!!)  Got to bed around 1:30am, then up at 6:30 to get a lift to Gatwick with Brian & Jean!  Madness!

The Afriqiya flight got into Cotonou at 00:05 hours, just Easter Sunday!  Lois was waiting in the carpark with 3 sleepy kids.  Got home and unpacked.  Bed around 3:00am!

Easter Sunday We had a meeting at some friends’ house in the morning, followed by brunch.  In the afternoon was a party at the home of some American friends.  Big do, with around 70 or so folk there!  Nice to be out in the sun again and to see so many friends from Benin too.

 Bye for now,

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R, L, M, R & M

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Reggie on April 22nd, 2006 at 8:03 pm #

Hi Rob,

Sorry about all the problems. I figure it may be something to do with the method I used to try to update WordPress to the latest version. In which case, I will try to re-install everything later this evening (after a Marilyn Monroe DVD).

I still haven’t managed to get my own photography blog up-to-date after the crash. It all takes time, and today’s weather was so wonderful, I went out with the camera again.

It was good to see you again last Friday.

Reggie on April 23rd, 2006 at 1:07 am #

Hi Robert,

We seem to have some progress.

Look forward to seeing more pictures.

By the way, I use RSS (really simple syndication) to see when you have updated a webpage. It is very easy to use in FireFox, an alternative browser to Internet Explorer (with some very nice features such as tabbed browsing).

The RSS lets me see the ten most recent titles only of your website. So, when I spot a new one, I can go and visit it to read your latest entries, soon after you have posted them.

To add the RSS of a website to your favourites (for FireFox), just click on the orange button in the website address field (the url).

Cheers, Reggie