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The Musikmesse in Frankfurt was an amazing experience, especially after only playing 4 different pianos since going to Benin.  


The piano section must have had over 200 pianos in, many of them grands.  So much fun and you were allowed to play any of them.  The sound in the hall was quite something, with so many tunes coming from so many instruments.  Sometimes, there´d be some guy playing a bit of jazz and I´d sit down on the next piano and join in.  Plenty of fun jam sessions and we even got an audience a couple of times!

After a while, I decided to do a tour of all the grands and test them out, making notes on how they sounded.  I would begin by playing just bottom ´C´to hear if it had a good ´growl,´then I´d try the top octave to see if the tone was still bright there.  If both were afirmative, I´d play a tune.  If not, no point proceeding!  Pianos I particularly enjoyed were:

Some interesting ones there.  Pearl River is Chinese, but had a very good sound.  Couldn´t say how durable one would be though.  I was also impressed with the Czech made Bohemia piano.  However, for me the best of all was the…

Fazioli       http://www.fazioli.com/eng/index.php

…an amazing tone, especially on the full-size grand.   Of course, there were Yamahas, Bechsteins, Blüthners etc, which I didn´t try out much, because I already know how good they are!  Well, dream on, Rob!  Maybe one day you´ll own one!!

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