Filed Under (General) by Rob on 31-03-2006

Today has been fun.  Learnt about the classification of instruments (organology they call it) into 4 groups: aerophones, ideophones, membranophones and chordophones.  You don’t really want to know what they all mean (do you???)  But did you know that there’s a dewey decimal system for the classification of all the instruments of the world?  Well, neither did I!

This afternoon, I was totally gobsmacked by Tuvan Throat Singing, with the most amazing harmonics you’ve ever heard.  Have a listen at:

Tomorrow, as a bit of light relief, we’re all off to the Musikmesse, a music exhibition in Frankfurt.  Should be fun, and I hope to find a battery-powered microphone mixer for recording in Benin.  Watch this space!

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