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The second round of the presidential elections is taking place as I write.  It had been announced for this Wednesday (22nd March) but then yesterday they changed it to today – not sure why.


This week we had the first decent rain storm for about 5 months!  The good thing about this is that it cools the weather down – so we’ve had morning and evening temperatures of below 30 degrees Celcius, which is a pleasant change (min. recorded in our front yard was 26 !)  We like warm, sunny weather, but when the midday heat is the same as your own body, you long for a cold, drizzly English winter’s day!!!

G & S

The senior pupils are putting on ‘HMS Pinafore’ by Gilbert and Sullivan this Friday.  Rehearsals Monday and Wednesday (the latter in costume).  It’s going quite well now, which is good.

I like to samba!!!

Samba band.jpg 

Here’s the school samba band, which Rob started this term.  Not quite as good as the Newnham Band yet, but getting there.  Of course, we had to have the drums shipped out here first, which took a while.  So far, they know the ‘London School’ Samba and we are working on ‘Samba Reggae’ if that means anything to any of you!

Cotonou has plenty of interesting monuments – many of them dating from the period when Benin was communist.  Here is Rob at the ‘Place de la Bulgarie,’ trying to look like some Bulgarian bloke!  (He might have tried nodding for ‘no’ and shaking his head for ‘yes’ which, I understand, is a feature of Bulgarian culture!)

Place de Bulgarie & Rob.jpg

Otherwise, we’re all fine and well.  Germany in one week’s time for Rob.  He’s looking forward to meeting up with his mate, Ed and some others in London on his way through.

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