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Pianos and stuff…

  • Internet connection back up and running, which is a relief.


  • New inner tube put on bike (yes, the arhaldite didn’t work too well after all).  Mind you, at 80p for an inner tube, you can’t go far wrong!


  • Get together Good Friday evening in Ampthill for those who’d like to come and say ‘Hi.’  Send a message for details of where!


  • Kids all fine.  Mads is learning a bit of piano too now.


  • Rob went and had a go on the Kawai grand piano at the Sheraton lastnight – first time he’d played a decent accoustic piano in over a year!  It felt very strange and he felt very rusty (even on ‘Autumn Leaves’ and ‘Satin Doll’!!!)  Still, good fun to keep up the playing!


  • Lois is reading a book called ‘The piano shop on the left bank.’  It’s for her book club and is about a piano shop in Paris.  Here it is:

Rob says he wants to read it after her, but – alas – the book club is just women, so he can’t go along!  Lois says she’ll take J P Williams’ book ‘The Piano’ along to the next gathering, for reference purposes!  That’s a great book, too.  Here it is:

Rob’s Mum & Dad sent it him for Christmas 2004 and he loves the book.  John Paul lives in Ampthill and tunes pianos there!

  • Rob’s irregular hearbeats seem to have cleared up, which is a relief.  It was almost certainly due to the Lariam he was taking.  It was scarey at the time, but he’s glad it’s all over.
  • No more election news yet – watch this space.  Also, if you understand French (or just feel like looking at the pictures!) you can visit:

which is the website of our local daily newspaper.


Dinner’s on the table – beef stew with carrots and yams, lovingly cooked by Rose, bless her.


PS  Here’s that picture of Mike Webb in the auto-rickshaw (much the same as the one of Rob, but a different person and angle!)

Auto-rickshaw - Mike.jpg

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