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Election Day in Benin…

Yes, today is the day the Beninese vote for the new president as the current president stands down. So far it seems calm, certainly from our house, so we trust things will remain this way. There are over 20 candidates, but only 2 or 3 of these are likely to win. If any one candidate gets over 50% of votes today, he/she will be in. If not, there will be a deuxieme tour (second round) where only 2 or 3 candidates will go through. Watch this space…

Other News…

Germany is ON!!! Yes, Rob’s ethnomusicology course in Germany is taking place after all and he booked his tickets this week. Bizarrely, the cheapest way was to London with Afriqiya, then with Easyjet to Germany. That being the case, I shall have a few hours in London on the way out, then will be in and around Ampthill on Good Friday on my way back. Anyone on for a curry??? The only downside is I’ll miss the solar eclipse over Benin.

Repairs & breakdowns…

No, not us personally! My bike had a punctured inner tube this week and I don’t have a repair kit. So…time for a bit of resourcefulness. Arhaldite and a square of rubber cut from a balloon! Seems to be working so far.

The air conditioning on the Land Rover broke down a couple of weeks ago, and was promptly (but not cheaply) repaired. This week, the thermostat went on it, so had to be replaced. However, because the previous repair was so expensive, the guy charged me just £6- this time. Not bad!

Our main laptop is having rather serious problems so we have reverted to using the old one for the time being, which is quite slow in comparison. We probably need a new keyboard for it but there are also other sortware problems that need sorting out. As far as we know no data has been lost, so that’s a positive!

Finally, our digital camera has ceased to work (hence few photos for you at the moment). The cost to repair it would be almost as much as getting a new one, so that’s what I’ll do (probably in Germany). Meanwhile, we’re using our conventional camera with a film in. The kids were intrigued and kept asking to see the picture after we’d taken it. Then Madelaine pressed the ‘open’ button to have a look inside – oooops! Must be a while since we did conventianal photography! Here, I’ve managed to get a few more pics for you.

Firstly, here’s the ‘auto-rickshaw’ as promised (much safer than a zemidjan but more fun than a conventional taxi!)

Rob on auto-rickshaw.jpg

Next, here we are at the ‘Birthday Curry’ a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to those of you who made it to the Amtphill Birthday Curry last night – hope you enjoyed yours as much!

Rob & Lois at curry.jpg

Finally, here’s me at the Railway Station in Cotonou:

Rob at station.jpg

That’s all for now. Thanks for visiting our blog. Feel free to leave comments, which we always enjoy reading. Also, if this is your first visit, scroll down and see what you’ve been missing!

All the best,

R, L, M, R & M

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